We believe in only serving the best quality food, source local as much as possible and make almost everything on our menu from scratch daily!

Our delicious food is brought to you by Chef Bradley Oliver & our awesome kitchen team Josh, Jules, Matt, Patty, Eric & Rachel!


Add on’s for your Salad, Sandwich or Burger 

Extra Burger Patty $5, Fried Egg $2.50 Bacon $4

Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack $2
Avocado, Pine Nuts, Caramelized Onions, Hard-Boiled Egg
Gorgonzola,White Cheddar or Blue Cheese Crumbles, or our delicious 
Cheese Sauce $2.50 3 oz Chicken $4, 3 Prawns $7, 3oz Carnitas $6

Side Choices for burgers and sandwiches

House-made potato chips, slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, fries.
Sweet potato fries, tots, and onion rings are $2.50 extra.

Fried Brussel Sprouts (for my sister Colleen)

Fresh garlic and herbs, toasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese,  balsamic reduction and breadcrumbs


Queso Dip, Guacamole & Tortilla Chips


Fried Calamari

Deep-fried, tempura-battered tubes & tentacles served with a ginger-orange and roasted green chili sauce


Tap House Wings

Crispy breaded chicken wings with carrots and celery and your choice of sauce (Mild, Hot, BBQ, or KAMAKAZI!)


Nana's Meatballs

Beef and pork meatballs that were Stacey's Grandmother's recipe topped with house-made marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, ricotta, pesto and fresh basil. Served with cheesy t garlic toast


Soft Baked Pretzel

Served with your choice of mustard cheese sauce & whole grain mustard


Tap House Nachos

House-made tortilla chips, black beans, pickled jalapeños, three-cheese sauce, pico de gallo, topped with carnitas or chicken topped with sour cream


Tap House Burger & Side Choice 

½ lb hamburger patty topped with house sauce, shredded lettuce & tomato, sliced red onion on a toasted brioche bun. Add avocado $2.50. Add Bacon $4. Add cheese $2.


French Dip Sandwich (Tap House Favorite) & Side Choice

House brisket piled high on a crusty hoagie roll with caramelized onions, white cheddar and Au Jus & horsy sauce (horseradish aioli)


Classic BLT & Side Choice

Apple-Wood smoked bacon, sliced tomato, roasted red pepper mayo, shredded lettuce on a toasted pugliese roll . Add avocado $2.


Our House-Made Black Bean Burger & Side Choice

Our delicious mix of spices and black beans, topped with pepper jack, pesto, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted brioche bun.


Tap House Gyro (For Charlie)

Our house made beef and lamb mix, roasted jalapeno tzatziki sauce, cucumber, tomato and pickled onion on top of grilled pita bread


Cubano & Side Choice

Carnitas, thinly sliced Black Forest ham, pepper jack, pickles, our house made whole grain mustard on a toasted pugliese roll


Birria Braised Beef Tacos

 Birria braised beef,  parmesan, cilantro & onions, parmesan crusted fried corn tortillas & served with beef  consomme 


Battered Fish n' Chips

Tempura battered and fried fresh cod, fries, house slaw, and house tartar sauce


Street Taco Trio

Sanora corn tortilla served with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, mixed cheese topped with our creamy cilantro ranch. Chicken, Carnitas, or Black Beans


Tap House Turkey Sandwich

Turkey breast, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion on toasted sourdough bread with a pesto aioli



Macaroni Salad 6 (oz)


Potato Salad 6 (oz)


Tap House Slaw 6 (oz)


Tap House Potato Chips 


Tap House Tortilla Chips 


Tap House Fire Roasted Salsa 6 (oz)


Basket of French Fries


Basket of Sweet Potato Fries Or Tots


Little One's Menu

Mac & Cheese

Our cheese sauce, tossed with macaroni


Kid's Cheeseburger & Fries

Cheeseburger & French fries


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Buttered sourdough bread, melted American cheese & fries


Mini Corn Dogs

Served with fries


Chicken Tenders

Breaded chicken tenders served with bbq sauce & fries


Kid’s Taco's - NEW

2 chicken and cheese taco's served 


16 oz Kid’s Soda, Lemonade Or Iced Tea



24 oz Soda, Lemonade Or Iced Tea…$3.75 
8 oz Margarita…$8
8 oz Sidiqui Rum Mai-Tai…$10
8 oz Mimosa…$6
Coors Light…$4
Craft Beer in Bottles & Cans AQ
All Bottles Of Wine Are 20% Off To-Go



Pinot Grigio
Benvolio, Italy, 2018 
Glass $7.50   Bottle $29

Fess Parker France, 2018
Glass $8   Bottle $31

Belleruche, Côtes-Du-Rhône 
France, 2017
Glass $12   Bottle $47

Sauvignon Blanc

Leese-Fitch, California, 2018
Glass $11   Bottle $43

Bees Box, Napa Valley,
Glass $10   Bottle $39

Frank Family, Napa, 2018
Glass   $16   Bottle $63

La Crema, Sonoma, 2014
Glass $12.50   Bottle $51

Robert Mondavi, California 2017 
Glass $8   Bottle $31

Pinot Noir
Dreaming Tree, California, 2017
Glass   $11   Bottle $43

Pinot Noir
Talbott “Kali Hart”, Monterey 2017
Glass $12   Bottle $45

Rucksack Vineyard, El Dorado county, 2015
Glass $11.50   Bottle $38

Cabernet Sauvignon
Robert Mondavi, California
Glass $8   Bottle $31

Cabernet Sauvignon
Unshackled, Napa, 2018
Glass $15   Bottle  $59